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As a renovations contractor in Cape Town we supply turnkey renovations, we take the pictures you have in your mind and turn it into reality. Renovations big or small. Call us for a phenomenal service experience.

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After moving to Cape Town where I grew up and was asked by a major property company’s rental agent to do their contract work on all the properties in her portfolio. During this time we gained an enormous amount of experience doing renovations in Cape Town, and learned how to efficiently work in occupied properties.

With the vast experience we gained during this time, we can now do renovations that turns houses into homes and adds value to your property through craftsmanship, and that is not only our passion, but what we do professionally. You may have a picture in your mind and we will bring that picture to reality through skills, craftsmanship and professionalism.

We Bring Renovation Ideas Home.

Being a multi-task renovations Cape Town company, you can have the confidence and peace of mind that the ideas we bring forth turns houses into homes and adds value to your property. In 2007 we started with doing minor repairs in properties and have gained a vast amount of experience to the building up of our confidence for the dream renovation of your property.

In 2008 we did our first renovation as a contractor in Cape Town. We were eager to increase our skills and had to learn quickly. This particular renovation was a great success with no come-backs and a very satisfied and happy owner.

Since then, as we did renovations in Cape Town we practiced the skills of integrity, honesty, diligence and customer satisfaction to provide awesome renovations.                         

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We also provide a complete professional painting contractors service.

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Our Renovations Cape Town team has been with our company since 2009. They have taken ownership of the business and work with the diligence as if the business is theirs. They have developed ethical and friendly attitudes towards every-one they come in contact with.