Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations can be a daunting task for some home owners, because there is a particular way in which kitchens are designed. The Kitchen is probably the most important part of a home and also one of the most expensive rooms in the home. Its where we all go first thing in the morning, on arriving home and last thing at night.

Being a multi-task company specialising in all core areas we supply turnkey services for . No need for multiple contractors as we do all aspects of the kitchen renovation. All plumbing and electrical are done according to building regulations with COC’s when requested.

All kitchen Cupboards built and installed to your specifications with multiple colors and grains to choose from.
You can enhance your Kitchen with fashionable fittings to make your life more comfortable and with different types of wood available with many colors and grains to choose from.

Kitchen Renovations Cape Town completed

Kitchen renovation in Gardens Cape Town for a German client completed in June 2019.

This kitchen renovation started with a small modification that the owner wanted done. They then added more as we went along and they noticed that we actually know what we were doing and delivering quality workmanship and and providing phenomenal service.

A Kitchen renovation that was completed in Hout Bay Cape Town

This was our first kitchen renovation. This was a rental property on a major property company’s rental agent’s portfolio for whom we did contracting work.

What started as a small handyman job ended up in a full scale renovation of the kitchen and two bathrooms.

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