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Internal and External Painting

Standing next to the road with a roller in the hand, does not make you a painter. We have had that experience.
It all depends on what you as a client wants from a painting contractor. Are you looking for professional service who knows what the painting process require. Painting is a system that needs to be applied correctly if you want the work to be guaranteed. The painting system applied correctly according to manufacturer’s standard can last you a very long time.

As an experienced painting contractor, one needs to know what to look for when assessing the project. Cracks that could possibly allow water ingress needs to be waterproofed correctly. Large cracks needs to be repaired correctly, The preparations before applying the top coats are the most important and an understanding of how the system works is very important. Our eagerness – as a painting contractor – to learn how the system of painting works has given us immense experience and our staff knows that taking short cuts will result in having to return to the property for correction, there they take the time for tedious preparations.

For external and internal painting the correct system needs to be applied.

Preparation before painting
Structural repairs

Structural Repairs

a Valuable lesson we, as painting contractors in Cape Town, has learned from a structural engineer was how to repair cracks the correct way. After many years of seeing how cracks re-appear on properties we have worked on was dis-heartening.

I consulted with a structural engineer and he gave me this very valuable advice on “crack stitching” and how to do it. We started implementing the process of crack stitching and saw immediate results. It was a joy to go back to the property after a long time and see how the finished product has lasted with no evident cracks.

Crack stitching is a method where we insert steel staples across the crack, like a surgeon would apply stitches to a cut.

Ever since then we have approached repairing large cracks and any structural repairs with confidence and with great results.

We do all types of structural repairs.

Waterproofing And Damp Proofing

Water ingress can cause a lot of damage to any internal and external paint. Using the correct waterproofing system for different types of water ingress are very important. Roof leaks cause water damage to ceilings and top parts of walls. Penetrating damp can cause problems anywhere on the walls. Rising damp are usually caused by a compromised “Damp Proof Coarse” which causes damp to rise from the foundation and causes damage to walls up to one meter high.

All these different aspects of water ingress needs to be properly assessed prior to the commencing of any painting process. If these areas of water ingress are not properly waterproofed it will be a continuous problem to the life of the paint.
Since 2007 we as painting contractors Cape Town have successfully dealt with all these types of water ingress by using the correct waterproofing system, and all this needs to be done before any paint is applied to any surface.

We supply professional waterproofing solutions.

Roof cleaning and painting
Roof Cleaning and Painting

Some times a roof just needs a fresh coat of paint or a change of colour. Many times where a roof does not get sufficient sun light it tends to stay moist for long hours and then moss starts to grow. At times moss can cause tiles to lift when it is allowed to grow big enough and cause water ingress. Before painting the roof it is always advisable to high pressure wash the roof to rid the roof surface of collected salts and chemicals.

High Pressure Washing

Most of the paint manufacturers will advise the high pressure washing of walls prior to applying paint. High pressure washing will rid the walls of loose and pealing paint, collected salts and chemicals, which will increase the adhesion of the paint to the surface to be painted.

We also provide a complete professional Handyman Services

Painting Contractors High Pressure Washing

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